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Have a plumbing leak?

Need a ceiling fan installed?

Want your basement finished?

Time to remodel your kitchen?

Bathroom need a facelift?

Man-cave need a bar?

Time for a new faucet?

Thinking about crown molding?

Doors don't close properly?

Need laminate, tile or hardwood floor?

Holes in drywall?

Walls need painted?

Porch rails rotted?

Replacement window time?

Almost anything else!!

Handyman services and general remodeling are our primary concerns at House Calls and we take the time to do it right.

     Being a handyman means being proficient in many areas of repair.  Being a handyman also means being knowledegable in the entire construction process.  Knowing how things are built from the ground up helps us know why you have the problem.

     Any handyman can cover the stain on your ceiling.  Only a professional handyman can determine the source of the stain and resolve the problem.

     A handyman who just seals and paints the ceiling surface isn't really a handyman to you.  He will be cheaper in the short run but cost you much more in the long run.

    The handyman who doesn't resolve the problem is just putting a band-aid on a bullet hole,  especially when it comes to water damage.  That stain will return and the longer you wait to repair the source of the problem the greater the damage will be.

     Our handyman will take the time to evaluate the situation before deciding what needs to be done to fix the problem.  This usually requires a visit to your house before a valid estimate can be rendered.  Basic installation costs for such things as faucets and other fixtures can be given over the phone. 

     Click on our MESS page and look at the pictures.  That family called and asked how much it would be to put in a new front door.  If we gave a quote before our handyman went to the home the quote would have been useless.  In fact, the green door that you see in the picture was put in without correcting an earlier stage of the rot damage.