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We service Fredericksburg, VA and all or parts of the surrounding counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, Caroline, King George and Orange. 

The best and fastest way to make contact with us is by phone at our primary number of (540) 786-3350.  There is almost always somebody at that number.  If you do get voicemail please leave a message and don't forget to leave return contact information.  If everyone happens to be out in the field we won't be able to check caller ID to see where the call came from.    Voicemail gets checked periodically throught the day. 

     E-mail usually gets checked twice per day.  Once very early in the morning before going into the field and once in the evening after returning from the field.  If you do contact us by e-mail we will respond as soon as we receive the message.  We ask that you do the same.  A simple got it reply will be fine.  If we do not hear from you we assume that you did not get our reply and we will contact you repeatedly. 

     It has been our experience that assuming the other party has gotten the message is a mistake.

     You can also send a text message to my cell phone at:

(540) 538-8566

     I will respond as soon as I can.  However during the day I will likely be on a job site wearing hearing protection and/or doing something that prohibits an immediate response.  I also spend time in basements and in remote parts of the counties we service where cell phone service is spotty at best.



Fredericksburg, VA  22407

Phone: (540) 786-3350

E-mail: Mike@housecls.com

     I would love to hear from you relative to your interaction experience with us and with this site.  The only way we can get better at communicating with you is by communicating with you. 

     If you cannot contact us via a particular method please try a different method.  We don't know if there are connection issues unless they are reported to us.

     If you can't get through there are probably others in the same situation and that is bad for business

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